Meet the Twisted Whiskers Crew

Rachel and Butter

Rachel Frank (Owner/ Designer)

I’m a lover of everything crafty. Being able to play with yarn and fiber all day keeps me smiling. I strive to design a wide variety of patterns that will bring countless hours of joy to my fellow knitter’s lives and enable some good old fashioned fiber shopping to try out need yarns and needles.

bast meet the crewBast (Tech Specialist)

Bast is constantly looking over my shoulder no matter what I’m doing.  She is hooked on details and loves “laptop time” which in her book means “comfy mommmy lap time.”  So every post, pattern, and picture is edited with Bast’s assistance.


Butter (Creative Consultant)

Butter is in charge of helping during the creative process and is always thinking outside of the box. She loves inspecting patterns and getting her paw into the designs. We try and keep the workplace fun and she is often the comedian of the group.

Bitty and Angel

Bitty & Angel (Customer Service)

Bitty and Angel are a baby and mom duo that are committed to making sure everyone is happy with their orders. They’re always taking time to spread cheer and cat hair into my WIPS and FOs.


Grunt (Shipping & Receiving)

Grunt watches out for the mailman to make sure he never misses a drop off or pickup. I’m not sure who gets more excited, me or him lol.